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What was intended for humankind in the beginning reflects something like a distorted dream so far away.  In favorable times, it was called the golden age of man.  In other times, it was called Zeal.  The ultimatum however, of mankind’s legacy has never been ambition without greed, victory without bloodshed, or light without darkness. Indeed, the dark ages have never left…

The beacon of light now shines in Leanantla, the late sister continent of Eridan a forbidden subject left centuries in the dark with its fumbles and blunders.  Now come all masters of trade, combat, politics, magics and nature.  From the ashes of federations past Greycastle holds proud, but we have also heard it spoken:

Time flows like a river, and history repeats itself

Behold, the powers in the spiritual realms are still ever watchful, and fortunately, without rest.  Will you join in the communion of man, or will the ways of the ancients overtake you? 

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