In The Days Since The Revolt

Recently, tensions in the desert came to a head as the Branded of Portcross Major rose up, taking to the streets in revolt. A party of would be heroes answered the call of the Federation, gathering in Portcross Minor with Warden Squire Kaine leading the charge to retake the island. Many noble Houses were represented at the assault including the High Houses of Calador and Rahl. Average citizens capable of holding their own against the joined the fight.

As the streets ran red with the blood of the fallen the recently branded and exiled Lord Trevelyan greeted the warriors and invited the nobles as well as the squire to his compound in the desert to share information and offer his aid in the battles to come. Those who thought it was Trevelyan who was behind the uprising were surprised to learn of the existence of a witchblood named Doctor Fayth who seemed to be the mastermind.

Only a day or so later a small party found their way deep into the jungle to the lair of Fayth where Lady Caliborne was kidnapped and held in what appeared by all accounts to be an impenetrable fortress warded by magic. Days passed as our heroes worked to recover the hostage, hoping they were not too late. Their efforts eventually paid off and the lady was recovered but at what cost?

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