Recent History

The story of Mercia’s beginnings has been subjected to several questions by historians who ponder on its shared glories and devastating fall from afar. For starters, the choice of where to settle is a mystery with the plethora of options once available.  It is clear that safety was the primary concern, followed by resource, seasoned with classic feudalistic behaviors.  

Mercia was a thriving capital as far as we can tell for half of a millennia.  Its military outposts were key to surviving the deep dwellers who clawed at the fabric of fortitude until their repellence. This network of the world supported diverse sister facilities and nations as well, although none can be accounted for post Vorlonian rule.  Mercia’s death was violent, destructive, and sudden, and all was lost save for the records of the annals of the ruling nobles instituted under House Bratak.

These annals will provide detail of the genesis of the Federation— its accomplishments and blunders alike.  The past world life is indeed bloodied and frail, but such cannot be helped when infiltrating an untamed world.  May the annals of the noble house rulers inspire within you a promise to remain far from the ways of the old, but also give you the information to one day reforge bonds that have been broken.