Common knowledge of matters divine is one not far from all cultures of Leanantla, although agreement on the singular entity is further a reality than most would like to admit.  From Leanantla’s many seasons come the songs and folk tales of God, or gods themselves and their colossal acts on Terra.  Thus, the majority of peoples believe in creation containing the fingerprints of deity, along with acts of rebirth and resurrection being acts stemming from sources ‘above’.  Overall, faith of some form is common amongst all peoples, shown clearly through public acts of reverence and curse alike.

House of Sky

There is one that is beyond this world, secured far from mortal mind. Our eyes have not seen, but we believe.  His voice is not heard, but we revere.  We are his sons, and through him, our being is understood.

While none can attest to have ever seen God or describe his appearance, the legend of his arrival to the faithless world of Leanantla falls responsible to Mercanius’ vision and leadership. From him was coined a new way of life and goodness: acts of virtue, or virtuous living that was proved by success of a connection to the divine.  In return, all who adapted this faith hoped to hear God’s voice by day with guidance by eternal fire by night in the footsteps of their great leader and prophet.

“The Patriarch is forever beyond our sight, seated in the skies of Yashain, the heavenly paradise for his souls to claim after Terra take us.  By his light, did I follow the stars to the shores of Leanantla, and by this salvation did I become worthy to understand the paths to become an heir to the sons of God.  His most formidable of heirs were three in number, and their message directly pertains to the three separate conquests inside our vessels. Just as the Patriarch did not pass the truth of all virtue onto one of his sons, so too, does man fail in mastery of all three paths…And so, he must choose which of these is greatest within..”

Mercanius initiated for all noble houses to partake in his knowledge of the divine so that success may be continued through his example after his death for the greater sake of a new chapter for Leanantla.  Below includes the mystery of the paths of virtue in their basic practice and understanding.

House of Justice

Color: Purple

To the one who embraces justice as the supreme path to virtue, is led first and foremost through the heart.  The live through justice as the truth path includes the way of compassion onto those in need of mercy, and servanthood to those who cannot fend for themselves.  The pledge of knights and squires certainly spells honor and chivalry for all of those born of Coventry, although virtue is not necessarily limited to these occupations.  It is probably the most favorable of virtues due to its unifying nature and inability to function without cooperation between provisioner and the needy.  To live by justice can be summarized by guarding the world from the threat of that which destroys life.

House of Power

Color: Dark Grey

The path led by the gut, or appetite of man has been the most misunderstood at best between its siblings.  The virtue’s varying interpretation is detailed between those who suffer through suppressing all desires otherwise deemed carnal, contrasted by the consequences faced by those who glorify a life fronted by impulsive hedonism.  There is both the savage and masochist here, as well as the sensual seeker.  To live in the house of power is to compete, and savor the assortment of  victories in whatever contest entered no matter the cost.

House of Wisdom

Color: Green

Wisdom is possessed by those who seek knowledge and enlightenment, using logic of the mind to govern action above all other impulses.  Acolytes of this virtue are often caught sifting the world for its secrets, waiting for ancient tokens to turn up as a reward for their relentless pursuit.  Ingenuity is wisdom’s cousin, and to this path belong those who seek to understand the workings of the world, both mundane and arcane.  Curiosity is just as much a friend as it is an enemy to the wise, and what knowledge is earned by their way is not a guaranteed spoil to share for those looking to get ahead cheap.  A wise friend, however, is a well-welcomed accomplice, and many have been sought when omens have surfaced.