Note: These are just some of the more useful commands that most players can use. They do not require a skill, unless otherwise noted. Additional commands can be found in game. Commands on our shard begin with a period or dot.

Dealing with Non-Player Characters (NPCS)

Making them move out of your way: – Move, Step Aside, Excuse Me, Make Way, Get Out Of The Way, Pardon Me (these are not case sensitive)

Making them stop talking to you at all: – QuietTime or Quiet Time (these are not case sensitive)

Useful .dot commands (these all start with a ‘.’)

.addally – This will allow you to target a player, and/or their pets, and add them to your list of allies. This way, when hunting, they share experience points (XP) and character points (CP) with you. (you have to target pets individually!)

.removeally – Removes a targeted player, and/or their pets from  your ally list. (you have to target pets individually!)

.whois – Shows the entire list of people who are online unless they are hidden with the .online command.

.online – Toggles your status on the whois list.

.findplants – Lets you bring up a tracking gump for various herbs used in alchemy. (requires the herbal lore feat)

.charinfo – Displays the character information gump

.checkspeed – Checks your swing speed

.checkdps – Checks your DPS

.checkknocktime – Checks the rate at which you fire ranged weapons such as crossbows and bows.

.checkxp – Checks your follower’s experience points

.xp – Check your  XP/level

.checklevel – Checks your follower’s level

.level – Check your XP/level

.craftcontainer – Designates a container that crafted items automatically go into in your backpack.

.discardliquid – Dumps the contents of a potion or bottle.

.fixme – Forces a client re-synchronization

.loot – Loots a corpse

.speaklanguage – Allows players to toggle their character’s spoken language

.spar – Allows players to spar, which is not considered a criminal action by the guards.